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Landcruiser 76 rear barn door table doing its thing at sundown

Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series Wagon & 78 Series Troop Carrier Rear Barn Door Table

REAR BARN DOOR TABLE or RDT (rear door table, this is what we call them)

This honestly has to be one of the best mods we have done to our LC76, having a fold down table for me has honestly finished off my setup in the back of the cruiser. Having fridge and power (240v, 12v Anderson and USBs) right next to the RDT makes life on the road so much more enjoyable! Making a coffee in the morning, beers and snacks at sundown or simply charging camera gear or phones it just works and once you're done using it simply folded it up and away you go.


So why choose Svnty6’s Rear Barn Door Table for your LC76 Wagon or LC78 Troopy?

We built this product for our 76 Land cruiser, it had to be perfect. The finished product was born from four prototypes, two where out of stainless steel and the third and fourth were made of aluminium. 

Stainless steel looked good, polished finish with a tough and easy to clean surface. It seems great until you picked the table up and realised you were adding 10Kg to an already over loaded rear door (Tyre carrier is mounted to the rear door). Yes, we could have used a thinner material but it just looked cheap. So we settled on Aluminium and avoided the polished surface to save our eye and skin from the harsh Australia sun reflecting back at you when making a sambo. 

Settling for a light weight, durable material with a textured black power coat offered so many benefits and it looked good! 



Okay enough of the selling and talking the table up, these are the facts!

  • We just completed a 3 week trip in out back QLD, our RDT table was used everyday, coffee every morning, charging cameras, phones and of course sundowner drinks.
  • 1000's of Km's of corrugated dirt roads travelled.
  • Suitable for the Toyota Landcruiser 76 Wagon and 78 Troop Carrier. 
  • 40 plus rear barn door tables sold around Australia to date 09/12/21.
  • 1000's of Km's of testing done by 4WD Adventurer. (This guy likes to cook!) Check Pete's review
  • No rattles
  • Light weight
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Perfect fit up
  • Low profile
  • Australian Made

Yes our barn door table is 100% Australia Made, all parts sourced locally. 


For more information on the RDT please check our website.

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Still not convinced have a look what our customers have to say below, thanks for reading.

Customer Reviews;

"Hi Richard.
Installed my table yesterday afternoon. Went in effortlessly, everything fitted and everything worked. Bit unusual for me as I generally find something to stuff up, but not this time. I needed 40mm clearance from the table to the drawers and I had about 44mm. Fits like a glove! Very happy with the product and the procedure. Your instructions were exactly right. Good luck with it for the future.  If you come up with any more amazing 76 Series ‘goodies’ I will be more than interested. I will happily recommend this to others as I (when I) travel.
Stay safe and take care.


"G'day mate

Just letting you know I installed the table this afternoon, and although it's not on a 76 it's on a Troopcarrier the fitment is 100% spot on.

The build quality is excellent and it's incredibly sleek and slim.
What a great product!

Keanu Rohrlach - A happy customer!"



"Hey mate 

Just received my rear table for my 2020 76 gxl
Unbelievable for and finish
Perfect quality 
Perfect tolerance for the bolts.
Honestly I am very impressed.
Is there any Avenue that I can post pics of and do a review??"
Mario Zakhary

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