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svnty6 rear barn door table 76 series landcruiser

Guest Blog - Peter from 4WD Adventurer - Fitting the Rear Barn Door Table

Fitting the SVNTY6 Rear Barn Door Table for the 76 Series (and 78 Series) Toyota LandCruiser. 

Australian made products are our first choice where it is possible. Therefore, we use a range of SVNTY6 Australian made products. Supporting small Australian businesses making it happen here is paramount. The SVNTY6 barn door table is made in Brisbane. The barn door table is precision cut from 3mm aluminium, then professionally folded, and finally finished in our favourite textured black powder coat. All hardware used on the SVNTY6 barn door table is stainless steel so will not rust. You are provided all hardware required for fitting the barn door table. Being that the main components of this table are made from aluminium, it is extremely lightweight compared to any alternatives we have seen for the 76 Series Toyota LandCruiser. The advertised weight is 4.4kgs. We tested this out with our handheld luggage scale, which is not 100% accurate, coming in at 4.5kgs.

svnty6 rear barn door table

Overall fitting the SVNTY6 rear barn door table to our 76 Series Toyota LandCruiser was extremely simple. This should take no longer than an hour to complete the install. To watch the installation video, please follow the YouTube link:

Once we have done a few more trips and a bit more testing, we will post a detailed review of the SVNTY6 rear barn door table for the 76 Series Toyota LandCruiser. Until then, join the 4WD Adventurer Community to keep up to date on our future posts here. To read our other posts on our 76 Series Toyota Land Cruiser build you can find them here.

Thanks for reading as always, we really appreciate the support.

The thoughts of Peter.


To read the full, detailed installation blog post head over to 4WD Adventurer's page. 


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