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Guest Blog - Peter from 4WD Adventurer - Maxtrax Angled Mounting Bracket

Guest Blog - Peter from 4WD Adventurer - Maxtrax Angled Mounting Bracket

In this post we take an in depth look at the Maxtrax angled mounting bracket for the Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform by SVNTY6. This post gives you a detailed look at these brackets made here in Brisbane, Australia. 

One of our pain points with storage (on the Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform) has been (with) our Maxtrax recovery tracks. 

So which Maxtrax angled mounting bracket?

There are a range of different products in the marketplace that allow you to side mount your Maxtrax, all with different features and price points. This is a great benefit of having a Pioneer Platform as they are popular and as a result there are many different suppliers making accessories for this particular roof rack setup. The Rhino Rack Maxtrax storage options are expensive, we don’t like the look of them and you need to buy a bunch of different accessories if you want to carry more than two (this is for additional strength)...

Then came along SVNTY6, a newly established small business based in Brisbane. SVNTY6 are manufacturing all of their gear locally in Australia and put their gear through the test. Their range is small at the moment, but is growing rapidly. All their gear is well thought out, very well made and unique in design and materials used. SVNTY6 manufacture a Maxtrax angled mounting bracket that has some great features so we bought one of theirs and this is what we think about it.

First impression of the Maxtrax angled mounting bracket is that it is extremely well made. The black powder coat finish is great and matches the Pioneer Platform perfectly. The bracket comes in two separate pieces. You get a pair of mounting plates, this is where you will add the Maxtrax mounting pins, and a pair of angled brackets that bolt onto your roof rack. We like the idea of having the bracket in two pieces as it does give you a number of added benefits.

Firstly, the Maxtrax angled mounting bracket has as number of mounting points. This allows you to set your Maxtrax at different heights. This is great for different setups. It allowed us to get the bottom of the Maxtrax just above the top of the rear door and not have the top of the Maxtrax sitting too high for our garage clearance. Secondly, if for some reason on a particular trip you didn’t want to have your Maxtrax mounted on the side of your 4WD and instead on top of your roof rack, you could just mount the mounting plates on your roof rack as another storage option without using the side angled bracket. You might never decide to do this, however it is always great to know that there are other options / uses for the bracket in the event that you did.

Thirdly, the side angled brackets that mount to your roof rack have elongated holes. This is another great feature of these brackets as it allows you more flexibility when mounting to your roof rack as the elongated holes give you plenty of adjustment by sliding the brackets in our out. These elongated holes are also great as it could give you the option to use these on other types of roof racks (potentially) as the holes are not fixed specifically for the dimensions of the Pioneer Platform. Finally, the brackets sit at a really good angle when your Maxtrax are mounted, they sit fairly vertical rather than at a weird angle. This is great as they don’t stick out too far and look really good when fitted. 

Maxtrax Angled Rhino-Rack Bracket by SVNTY6

   Maxtrax Angled Rhino-Rack roof rack Bracket part 2   Maxtrax Angled Rhino-Rack roof rack Bracket part 


In summary, here is what we think of these SVNTY6 Maxtrax angled mounting brackets for the Pioneer Platform:

  • Made here in Australia (Brisbane to be exact).
  • Very well made and look great.
  • Black powder coat finish that matches the Pioneer Platform.
  • Comes well packaged so nothing is getting damaged in transit.
  • You get everything you need other than the Maxtrax mounting pins.
  • Will never rust as is made out of Stainless Steel.
  • Can store up to four Maxtrax with the Maxtrax mounting pins.
  • Multiple mounting points on the mounting bracket for different height setup options e.g. rear door and garage clearance.
  • Elongated holes on the roof rack angled bracket for flexibility when fitting to your roof rack.
  • Two piece bracket gives you the option (if ever needed) to mount Maxtrax flat on your roof rack for different storage options.
  • Maxtrax sit fairly vertical (not too angled like other brackets) on the side of your 4WD so looks really good.
  • Easy access to Maxtrax from side of 4WD for when they are needed.
  • More storage space on top of your roof rack as your Maxtrax are now side mounted.
  • Have the option to add Quick Fist clamps on the rear of the mounting plate for shovel storage.


 click here to continue reading the very detailed review blog post (including install instructions and pics!) by 4WD Adventurer. 


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