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Mounting Maxtrax Recovery Boards, we have you covered!

Mounting Maxtrax Recovery Boards, we have you covered!

Since the creation of the Maxtrax Recovery Board in 2001, 4wd 'Adventurers' have been searching high and low for the best way to mount recovery boards to their 4WDs. Having quick and easy access to your recovery board is priority!

Here at Svnty6 Fab we have 'created' three versions of brackets designed to securely mount Maxtrax Recovery boards to a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Roof Rack. We currently offer the following; 

Version 1, RRMTMV1 which has been designed to mount 2 or 4 Maxtrax recovery tracks, down the length of the channel/slot on a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform roof rack. 

Version 2RRMTMV2 which has been designed to mount 2 or 4 Maxtrax recovery tracks, down the length of the channel/slots or across the channel/slots on a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform roof rack. These mounts will work with 4 slat roof racks (centred) and 5 Slat roof racks (off centred). 

Version 3, RRMTRAX-SM which has been designed to mount 2 or 4 Maxtrax recovery tracks, down the side of a Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform roof rack. Angle is set at 110 degree, with side and up and down adjustment via slot holes. This side mount option is bested mounted to a Toyota Landcruiser 70 series fitted with a Rhino Rack Pioneer Roof Rack, this will work on the popular 79 series dual cab and the 76 series wagon! Another feature making this a very popular mounting system is the option to mount a shovel on the back with Quick Fist Rubber Clamps.

So why choose the Svnty6 Fab mounting brackets? Well for starters Svnty6 Fab was born from all my mates asking for mounting brackets after seeing my custom made brackets, we must have been doing something right : ) On a serious note why use us? What makes us better than the rest?

Listed below are a few reasons why you should be kitting out your Touring Rig with our brackets;

  • Designed and made right here in Brisbane Australia by a fellow 4WD Adventurer.
  • Made from 304 grade Stainless Steel, boasting superior strength and no corrosion.
  • Auto Cad Designed, strength, weight, style and mounting profile are the core of our designs.
  • CNC Laser Cut and folded
  • Stainless steel brackets are machine sanded for powder coating prep, brackets are coated in a high quality Sahara Black Dulux Powder coat with textured finish. Textured finish seamlessly integrates with Rhino Rack Roof Racks.   
  • All 304 Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware including channel/slots nuts.
  • Designed to use Maxtrax mounting pins MK11 Series, X-SeriesMK11/X-Series.
  • Real world product testing.

So a few points to get you thinking, still need a bump in the right direction? Check out 4WD Adventurers Blog for an in-depth product review. CLICK ME

Check out the range of Maxtrax mounting brackets we sell. CLICK ME

All in all, we love touring, we love using our products and being able to share our products with the 4WD community. 

Cheers Rick


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